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Asking Gee Co., Ltd. is an international visual creative company founded by the visual artist, Asking Gee, established in Taipei, Taiwan. What we do is connecting strongly to the music industry. Besides the visual work, we also specialize in new media design. Our specialty is VJ, visual design and music video production. We are also associated with our customized interactive lighting installation at some art exhibitions & music performances as our side project.

We love to combine the knowledge from different fields and turn them into something highly creative. Besides the visual skills and unique aesthetics, we are also good at showing people the subtle relationship between visuals and sounds through our works.


| Designing visuals is the way for me to express my passion for music.

Asking Gee is a VJ, music video director and new media artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. She has been devoting her work internationally.

She has dedicated herself to multiple artistic territories. Gee is good at capturing all kinds of concepts and transforming them into her creation. In terms of visual style, her works are mainly recognized as “fresh”, ”creative”, and “psychedelic”. Music is her foundation - she’s good at combining all the elements in music and visual art from the various fields and representing them in her works.



  • 《Cosmos People - 2022 Megaport Festival》 Visual design, VJ
  • 《Flesh Juicer - Golden Bro Concert》 VJ
  • 《J.Sheon - Extra Pretentious Concert》 Visual design, VJ
  • 《STR NETWORK - BURN》 Visual design, VJ
  • 《Yellow Claw - 1001 Tracklists NYE Sst》 VJ

  • 《WOLF(S) - 2021 NYE - Moon Landing》 Visual Design
  • 《Orange Wall 2.0 - The Orange Auction》 VJ
  • 《88rising Head In The Clouds - josh pan》 Visual Design
  • 《2021 Grand Beatbox Battle》 VJ, Visual Design
  • 《STR NETWORK - BURN》 Visual Design, VJ
  • 《ShiShi - Where Is Shi? Concert》 Visual Design, VJ
  • 《Chthonic - 2021 Megaport Festival》 Visual Design, VJ
  • 《X&G - Bopfest on Twitch》 Visual Design
  • 《Brian Tseng - BliveT Tour》 Visual Design, VJ
  • 《MDD - HOT SAUCE VJ Loop》 Visual Design

  • 《Cosmos People - Taipei NYE Concert - Uh》 Visual Design
  • 《Mayday - Fly to 2021 Concert - Perfume》  Visual Design
  • 《2020 Road To Ultra - RayRay》 VJ
  • 《Patrick Brasca - Angst Album Release Party》 Visual Design, VJ
  • 《2020 S2O Festival - NICKTHEREAL》  Visual Design, VJ
  • 《Broya Icebox - Butterfly Effect》 Visual Design, VJ
  • 《NICKTHEREAL - Thanks For The Love》  Visual Design, VJ
  • 《J.Sheon - Voice Up Concert》 Visual Design, VJ
  • 《Cosmos People - YOUNIVERSE concert》  Visual Design

  • 《2019 Redbull 3Style Battle Championship》 VJ
  • 《Golden Bell Awards 54th》 Key Visuals VJ loop Design
  • 《2019 Asia Beatbox Championship》 Visual Design, VJ

  • 《Trout Fresh - Simple Life》 Visual Design, VJ
  • 《Flesh Juicer - Fairy Tales of the Ocean Deep Album Release Concert》 Visual Design, VJ
  • 《Yultron - VJ loop 》 Visual Design
  • 《SmashRegz - Concert》 Visual Design, VJ


  • 《RayRay - Wide Awake》 Director, Post-Production

  • 《Wayne - Singing Changes My Brain》 Motion Design
  • 《DIGIWAVE 2021 - Ready To Start》 Executive Director
  • 《Yellow Claw - Twitter (feat. Syaqish)》 Director, Post-Production
  • 《GUCCI100 - City Light-Up - Recap》 Visual Supervisor
  • 《MDD - HOT SAUCE》 Director, Post-Production
  • 《 Yellow Claw - 2021 USA TOUR PROMO 》 Director, Post-Production
  • 《RayRay - The Space (ft. Sky Sky) 》 Director, Post-Production
  • 《Dolf, Dysomia, RayRay - Born To Be Cool 》 Director, Post-Production
  • 《LENZ - Musical Chairs 》 Director, Post-Production
  • 《UltraCombos - gogoro VIVA-Documentary》 Executive Producer, Post-Production Coordinator

  • 《Patrick Brasca - Don’t Wanna Lie Remix》 Visual Design
  • 《RayRay x DJ SODA - Obsession》 Director
  • 《Cosmos People - Uh》 Director,  Artwork Design
  • 《Burberry x Hypebeast - BBY Monogram SS Campaign》 Director
  • 《Joey ft. Wen - WRETCH》 Director
  • 《Aden ft. ØZI - Stand Out》 Executive Director, Post-Production Coordinator
  • 《DOLF x RayRay - Burn This Down》 Director,  Post-Production
  • 《Juyen Sebulba x RayRay - Shake It Down》 Director
  • 《Giant Museum - Youbike operating video》 Director,  Post-Production

  • 《Rezz x Yultron - Hell On Earth》 Editor, VFX
  • 《MCKY x SJIN - Kill Once Kill Twice》 Director
  • 《RayRay x Juyen Sebulba - Drumstick》 Director, VFX
  • 《Adidas - OZWEEGO Branding Event》 Post-Production, VJing
  • 《Miss Ko - Simple》 Assistant Director, Editor, Color Grading
  • 《Trout Fresh - Jealousy》 Director

  • 《Trout Fresh - Keep it Swag》 Director
  • 《RayRay - Bang Bang》 Director
  • 《SmashRegz - Don’t Stop》 Director, Post-Production
  • 《Trout Fresh - Coward is Gone》 Director
  • 《DJ Mykal - Regeneration》 Director, Post-Production

  • 《Trout Fresh. Øzi. Julia Wu. Kumachan. BCW. Dwagie - Walk To Fly》 Director


  • 《Trash ft. Howard Lee, PIZZALI, Vicky Chen, G5SH-Because Of Love REMIX》 Lighting Installation Design

  • 《Memes Homework Party》 Lighting Installation Design、Performer
  • 《GQ x Tom Ford Commercial》 Lighting Installation Design
  • 《D.T. ft. KENZY - So Be It》 Director, Lighting Installation Design

  • 《Simon Lien - You And Me MV》 Lighting Installation Design
  • 《ØZI - S.M.O.K.E. (ft. KENZY) MV 》 Lighting Installation Design
  • 《Where have all the flowers gone (ft. Cosmos People) - Don’t Touch》 Artist
  • 《Re-act | Graduated Exhibition of Communications Design of Shih Chien University 》 Artist
  • 《Scattering》 Lighting Interactive Installation Design vol.3

  • 《re-generate》 Concept Visual

  • 《Trail》 Lighting Interactive Installation Design vol.2

  • 《Comquency》 Lighting Interactive Installation Design vol.1
VJ · Video Production  · New Media Design
Taipei, Taiwan

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